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Roland TB-303 Tact switch replacement

Another routine job of replacing the tact switches on a Roland TB-303. This is quite a comon fault, I suppose its due to the age of the machine and the fact that the tact switches don’t have any dust guards. Luckily we are still able to source spares (for now). I’m always happy to work on these machines since I love the TB-303. This particular model was one of the more squelchy ones, more so than the one we have in the studio. For those in the know, this is one of those that used the 945 transistors rather than the 536′s. From what i understand (through building a couple of x0xb0x’s at home) The 945 machines tend to have a more metalic resonance.  The one we have one in the studio uses the 536′s and it’s not quite as squelchy as this one.  I guess one day i’ll have to find a TB-303 for my home studio, but for now I’m quite happy with my x0x’s.

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12 2009

A Snappy title brings it…

Brings what? Well we’ve been on holiday here and I’m sitting here trying to come up with a snappy title to this post. Oh well this one will have to do. So anyway, before the holidays much work had been done which wasn’t written about. First off we pretty much finished off the rebuild of the studio, there’s still a few little things to do, but that’s just details. We’ll get some pictures of the new layout up soon. Some of the jobs I worked on before the holidays included fitting a midi expansion kit to a JX3P. The kit enables the client to use the programmer and midi-in at the same time (which wasn’t possible with the stock configuration). It also converts the programmer output to midi cc’s. Another job was replacing the tact switches on the TB-303, a relatively simple one by normal standards. And finally i’ve been working on some client machines, which include an Oberheim OBX-A, Korg Polysix and a Roland SH-101.


08 2009