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Roland SH-101 Repairs

A customer brought in a rather sick Roland SH-101. Apparently it had been dropped by a roadie. It had suffered a broken pitch-bender and several of the rotary potentiometers had been destroyed. It also had a strange issue with “weirdness” (as described by the client) . I was able to source the potentiometers but not the pitch-bend unit, so I had to come up with a temporary solution. The fix involved guitar strings, the long story short is that the string acted as a way of fastening the unit back together. It actually works very well, I’m not sure how long it will hold up under duress, but hopefully long enough until I can source a replacement unit. Seems like they are almost impossible to get these days.

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09 2009

A Snappy title brings it…

Brings what? Well we’ve been on holiday here and I’m sitting here trying to come up with a snappy title to this post. Oh well this one will have to do. So anyway, before the holidays much work had been done which wasn’t written about. First off we pretty much finished off the rebuild of the studio, there’s still a few little things to do, but that’s just details. We’ll get some pictures of the new layout up soon. Some of the jobs I worked on before the holidays included fitting a midi expansion kit to a JX3P. The kit enables the client to use the programmer and midi-in at the same time (which wasn’t possible with the stock configuration). It also converts the programmer output to midi cc’s. Another job was replacing the tact switches on the TB-303, a relatively simple one by normal standards. And finally i’ve been working on some client machines, which include an Oberheim OBX-A, Korg Polysix and a Roland SH-101.


08 2009

Roland MC-4B CV Sequencer For Sale – SOLD!


You’re probably looking at one of the finest specimen of a Roland MC-4B,  unless you bought one new and never opened the box.  It’s total museum quality – even the laminated fake wood sides are perfect, which I have never seen before. Also comes with the original manual, which also is in perfect condition, even the sticker which says “Halmen musik” – a local music store that still exists.  The original owner bought it here in Helsingborg, so it never left town.

It’s bascially a four channel CV sequencer with the tightest timing you’ll ever experience. Forget midi! But it’s in a much too nice condtion to be used with anything but gloves on the hands and a gentle touch.  It looks, feels and is the business

If you want to know more, there are some excellent resources here and here

Located in Helsingborg, Sweden

Price: 1000 euro or taking offers

SOLD – thanks for all the interest!

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06 2009

SOLD – Roland SIP-300 & SIP 301 preamps for sale



These beautiful babies need to go to make room for other gear.  Working order, of course, and cosmetically ok too.

The SIP-301 is a bass preamp with a DI, compressor and 3 band EQ, all mounted in a 2U unit which is rackable if you have the right rack mounts for it.  240 volt version for EU countries. More info here

The SIP-300 is a guitar preamp with a DI, overdrive/distortion and 3 band EQ, also mounted in a 2U unit which is rackable if you have the right rack mounts for it. 110 volt version with US plug. More info here

Price is 150 euro each, or both for 250 plus shipping alt. free pick-up (we’re too generous, I know)

SOLD – thanks for all the interest!

Located in Helsingborg, Sweden


06 2009

Roland <3 Roland

Here’s what we get up to when there’s no real work to be done haha. It’s just a little live jam with myself on the TR-808 and Fredrik on the System 100 patched into a Dynacord Super 76 tape echo. It started since we were curious to see if the Dynacord was working, then I just had to go grab an 808 and get things bouncing.


06 2009

This roms got an echo

While the heart of the studio lies in pieces the workshop jobs still continue. On the workbench last week was a Studio Electronics Obie-Eight which needs an OS upgrade. So the roms were pulled out ready for this. Also two tape echo’s needed some maintenance. A Roland Chorus Echo and a Korg Stage Echo.  A Roland Chorus Echo and a Korg Stage Echo. A Roland Chorus Echo and a Korg Stage Echo. Haha, ok you get the point. Unfortunately he chorus echo is in need of a new solenoid, finding this part will be tricky, it can still be used but you need to manually engage the transport. The Stage echo was just in need of a cleanup. It was suffering from serious wow and flutter but a good clean of the capstan roller fixed this.


06 2009

You know, Juno

Again it’s been an incredible amount of time since the last blog post, I guess you want to hear the excuses. There’s not much to say except that we have been busy with pulling the heart out of the studio. Basically we are entering the next phase of preparations in order to finally open for business. In the meantime I did a small repair on a Juno-106 for a client. There wasn’t too much wrong, a broken portamento knob fix, a general clean up of the control sliders and it was sent on its way. Back to the matter at hand, we’ll be pulling out and moving a lot of stuff around so there may be another lack of posts but I’ll try to get some pictures taken of the process and write a few comments when there’s time.


05 2009

Needs more cowbell!!

So finally the parts I needed to complete the cowbell fix on the other TR-808 had arrived. I still need to find a solution to finding the start/stop buttons since this one is completely shot. Currently I’m using a button plugged into the external footswitch controller which is enough to do the job, but it would be nice to finally fix the last problem with this machine so I can add the retro kit. Anyway here’s a few videos.

Here you can hear the broken cowbell

Here you can hear what it sounds like after changing the schmitt trigger

And finally here’s what it sounds like once it’s calibrated and reassembled.

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05 2009