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Roland TR-808 repairs

On the workbench this time is a Roland TR-808.  The maracas weren’t sounding too healthy and the snare sounded a little strange. I suspected the noise generator was at fault since this drives both voices. After inspection and some work my suspisions were correct. Now the maracas sound great again and the snare sounds considerably fatter than before the surgery.  All in all this 808 now sounds as phat as it should.


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07 2010

Roland TR-606 [SOLD] Korg Poly 800 [SOLD]

A couple more items we have for sale, this time a recently refurbished Roland TR-606 and a Korg Poly 800. Click here to go direct to the For Sale page.

Update: Everything sold!


02 2010

Roland TR-808 Midi Kit

Here’s another familier job, this time it’s fitting a midi kit into a Roland TR-808. As we did before, the midi kit is fitted internally and a new socket is placed where the din sync socket used to be. What this means is that cosmetically nothing is changed on the machine. The new socket doubles as din sync as well as midi. The new switch has three positions instead of two. Operation is the same except when the switch is in the middle position midi is activated. You can play all the drums from a standard midi keyboard with a special midi/sync cable (comes with the kit)

Here’s a video of the completed job


01 2010

Roland TB-303 Tact switch replacement

Another routine job of replacing the tact switches on a Roland TB-303. This is quite a comon fault, I suppose its due to the age of the machine and the fact that the tact switches don’t have any dust guards. Luckily we are still able to source spares (for now). I’m always happy to work on these machines since I love the TB-303. This particular model was one of the more squelchy ones, more so than the one we have in the studio. For those in the know, this is one of those that used the 945 transistors rather than the 536′s. From what i understand (through building a couple of x0xb0x’s at home) The 945 machines tend to have a more metalic resonance.  The one we have one in the studio uses the 536′s and it’s not quite as squelchy as this one.  I guess one day i’ll have to find a TB-303 for my home studio, but for now I’m quite happy with my x0x’s.

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12 2009

Roland VP-330 Calibration

Quite some time has passed since the last blog post, again the reason for this is simple, we’ve just been really busy. Anyway i’ve added a few new posts of the recent jobs we’ve been working on. There’s a few more to add, but they are ongoing so as soon as they are completed i’ll make some new posts about them. Anyway a new addition to the studio arrived, a Roland VP-330 vocoder. It’s in really nice shape too, except for a tiny mark near the logo. As with most things that arrive, it needed tuning and calibration. This i promptly did and now it’s sitting in it’s new home quite happily.


12 2009

Roland SH-2000 Modification

The pictures Fredrik took as i did a complimentry fix to the preset rocker switches (a few had lost their retaining rods).

The Roland SH-2000 is a preset synthesizer with aftertouch from 1973 which isn’t exactly a beast, but with a modification performed it can certainly widen its sound palette to be useful, not in only vintage kids programs and “switched on-stuff”, but to more funky and modern stuff. The mod basically enables you to mix all presets as you wish, instead of just selecting one at a time. We did this mod to Swedish house artist’s Q-Force’s SH-2000, and he immediately made this track

Q-FORCE – Only a Roland SH-2000 & a loop

“Thanks for wonderfully great mod of my SH-2000. Not a sound in the clip would be possible without the mod.”

Check out Q-Force on Myspace or his web page


11 2009

Yamaha CS01, Roland JD800 and Oberheim 4-Voice

A few more machines on the workbench. First up was a Roland JD-800 with a broken pitch-bend unit. Quite a simple fix and easy to source the part. A clients Yamaha CS-01 with a missing key, hopefully the spare part will arrive soon and I’ll get that up and running again. And then an Oberheim 4-Voice which had been partially repaired by someone else. There were still some problems with one of the SEMS which I’ve managed to rectify. In fact everything about the 4-voice Sems is now taken care of, but there’s a problem with the programmer unit which I’ll be taking a deeper look at soon. Also it seems like the Oberheim is possessed, see the attached picture.


09 2009

Roland SRE-555 maintenance

A Roland SRE-555 (Chorus Echo) arrived at the workshop. It powered on, but only the chorus was working. Upon further inspection I found the tape was mangled, the echo intensity set wrong and the reverb tank was completely trashed. The reverb tank had some interesting text written on the side as you can see in the picture, “manufactured by beautiful girls in milton, wis, under controlled atmosphere conditions” that gave us a chuckle. Anyway those tanks are no longer available but we’ve managed to find a suitable replacement.


09 2009