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Marion Prosynth, Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 and a Yamaha TX7

We hope you all had a nice holiday, we all had a much needed break here at Analog Sweden. Unfortunately the weather is quite cold here at the moment, but hey we are in Sweden so what should we expect in the winter months. So we have a mixed bag to report on today, some analog, some digital and some digital with analog filters. Quite a mixed bunch.

First up is a stack of Marion Pro Synths, these were designed by Tom Oberheim and the core technology is based very much around his matrix 1000 synths. This are a little better though since you get a nice large LCD for editing. These units are NOS and had been sitting so long that i had to replace all the batteries, originally they were hardwired, but i figured to place holders in there so that the next time the battery needs replacing its a simple job that doesn’t involve any soldering.

Next up was a Yamaha TX7, this needed some general maintenance, i suppose you all know this is basically a DX7 in a small form factor, the less said about this the better, unless we plan to change our name to Digital Sweden…not any time soon thankfully :-)

The current job on the workbench is a Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000. This is an old school sampler, but has nice curtis based analog filters. Three of the eight voices were dead, I’ve since repaired them and have now encountered another problem (this is often the case with vintage gear, fix one thing, find another problem) Thenewly discovered fault is with the sampling input, i can sample but it only samples silence. I’ve traced the input signal and so far I’ve confirmed it up to the input filters. that cuts out quite a large section of the circuit, but there’s still plenty more to debug and so that’s my current quest.

Well I guess its time to get back to it, keep your eyes open over the coming weeks since there will be some major changes around here, including some updates to the site and a new web shop where you’ll be able to browse the goodness we have for sale.


01 2010