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Raising the Titantic

After some tests and exploration I was able to repair the broken key. So it was time to give everything a good clean up and put everything back together. Once it was reassembled I twisted Fredriks arm until he agreed to play us a demo. I grabbed the video camera and you can see the results. The next patient is a Yamaha CS70M,  this one might be a bit trickier to fix, time will tell.

Seems we forgot to turn on the gravity generator

Gravity is restored, Fredrik giving us another demo

A test of the internal sequencer


03 2009

The Titanic of the Prophets, the T-8

This synth comes from an era when most manufacturers were moving towards interfaces with buttons and menus, a terrible mistake in my opinion. This has to be the Titanic of the Prophets,  unlike something like the DX7 which could probably be considered the fatal iceberg. This is how synthesisers should be, not a menu in sight and a button or knob for every function. In recent years luckily manufacturers have moved back to tactile interfaces, not a moment too soon in my opinion. Anyway it was in need of a little service since one of the keys had stopped working, so I set to work.


03 2009