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Moog Minimoog tuning

Another relatively simple job, tuning a minimoog. First you have to tune the reference oscillator, then tune the main oscillators. I did find a discrepancy in the procedure of the manual, but that didn’t stop me from tuning this in. Man this machine sounds as lush as they get, really a nice sound, but i guess i don’t need to tell you that.

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11 2009

Moog Memorymoog Plus rebuild completed.

After considerable time rebuilding, checking and head scratching I’ve finally finished rebuilding the Memorymoog. It’s been a long journey, from a scrambled display, non working controls,  strange modulations and random crashes. It’s finally back in full working order.

Here’s a video of Fredrik giving it a quick demo.


10 2009

Moog Memorymoog plus rebuild

This one is a massive task, if you read a few months back there was a post about a memorymoog. Well this is the same machine, i’ve finally got around to tackling the problem. It suffered from rotating characters on the display, weird modulation sounds, non working controls and the occasional random crash. I managed to fix everything except the crashing, so it was prudent to completely disaasemble it for a rebuild, this has taken quite a while and I’m still not finsihed with it. This is probably why i’ve been lacking in making new posts, however i’ll try to keep you up to date on the progress of this one.


10 2009

Minimoog jamming

For highest quality click on this link to youtube.

I got my new camera yesterday, a Canon 5D Mark II.  I just managed to get the battery charged in time for its first assignment; press photos for DJ Devastate. The camera is absolutely fantastic, and coming from a Canon 40D, it’s the upgrade I’ve been waiting for. It also features a smashing video recording mode – the quality using canon glass is simply amazing combined with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps).

After the photo session we recorded me playing the Minimoog for a track on DJ Devastates upcoming album on BBE Records, “Movement Silence”, laying down basses, leads and fills n bits.  I’m featured on most of the tracks playing Memorymoog, Roland System 100, Korg PS-3100 and loads more.

Devastate grabbed the camera a shot some of the action. This was recorded on “low-res mode” (640x480@30 fps) and then, as usual, destroyed by Youtube compression, but I think it looks really nice anyway. No more mobile phone videos! Expect more higher-quality videos in the future :)


04 2009

Remember me?

On the workbench at the moment is a Memorymoog+. As usual it’s a little sick (why else would it be on the workbench) The first problem was that it kept blowing fuses, it had been at a friend of Fredrik’s for a while and neither of them knew why it was doing this. So I went into town to buy a pack, replaced one, powered it up and that subsequently blew also. So I took a look inside, disconnected the synth from the power board and replaced the fuse. It also blew. Next step was to disconnect the power board to see if that was causing the problem..nope! It must be the transformer I thought, which it was and now it powers up. So it was time to check out the features. Seems there’s more than a few problems with it, but I’ll keep you updated on the progress when there is any.


03 2009

Music time

A little free friday treat for you all!

Me on Memorymoog and T.Lily on Yamaha CS-80, a.k.a. Frekvensklubben gives you a live performance in the style of early Vangelis, TD and Kraftwerk. 45 minutes of soundtrack atmosphere for your pleasure.

Recorded here at AnalogSweden Studio. Enjoy.


03 2009