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Moog Minimoog tuning

Another relatively simple job, tuning a minimoog. First you have to tune the reference oscillator, then tune the main oscillators. I did find a discrepancy in the procedure of the manual, but that didn’t stop me from tuning this in. Man this machine sounds as lush as they get, really a nice sound, but i guess i don’t need to tell you that.

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11 2009

Minimoog jamming

For highest quality click on this link to youtube.

I got my new camera yesterday, a Canon 5D Mark II.  I just managed to get the battery charged in time for its first assignment; press photos for DJ Devastate. The camera is absolutely fantastic, and coming from a Canon 40D, it’s the upgrade I’ve been waiting for. It also features a smashing video recording mode – the quality using canon glass is simply amazing combined with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps).

After the photo session we recorded me playing the Minimoog for a track on DJ Devastates upcoming album on BBE Records, “Movement Silence”, laying down basses, leads and fills n bits.  I’m featured on most of the tracks playing Memorymoog, Roland System 100, Korg PS-3100 and loads more.

Devastate grabbed the camera a shot some of the action. This was recorded on “low-res mode” (640x480@30 fps) and then, as usual, destroyed by Youtube compression, but I think it looks really nice anyway. No more mobile phone videos! Expect more higher-quality videos in the future :)


04 2009