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Remember me?

On the workbench at the moment is a Memorymoog+. As usual it’s a little sick (why else would it be on the workbench) The first problem was that it kept blowing fuses, it had been at a friend of Fredrik’s for a while and neither of them knew why it was doing this. So I went into town to buy a pack, replaced one, powered it up and that subsequently blew also. So I took a look inside, disconnected the synth from the power board and replaced the fuse. It also blew. Next step was to disconnect the power board to see if that was causing the problem..nope! It must be the transformer I thought, which it was and now it powers up. So it was time to check out the features. Seems there’s more than a few problems with it, but I’ll keep you updated on the progress when there is any.


03 2009