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Oberheim 8-Voice Repairs

Another Oberheim 8-Voice, well actually this is the one from the studio, back in to figure out whats causing it’s problems.  Upon inspection, a card from the programmer is missing. It’s location at this moment is unknown, it was removed before i started working here. Hopefully we can find it and get this machine back to full operational status.


12 2009

May the force be with you Obi-Eight

So I’m finally back from moving house, I would have posted this sooner but Fredrick sabotaged my Internet connection and hid the data cable to my phone. Still I managed to overcome these jedi mind tricks and so here I am with a new post. On the workbench now is the death star, haha, ok not really, but it certainly looks a bit stormtrooper’ish. Basically it’s an Oberheim 8-Voice. Being a white synth you can imagine it can get pretty dirty pretty fast and the trouble is this one has been dirty a long time. So before the calibrations it was time to give it a good clean. That should be simple enough I thought, just remove the knobs… that was easier said than done. Of course it’s a sign of quality, the knobs aren’t just the simple pull off type. To remove one knob you need to first remove the plastic cap, then unscrew a nut, then the body can be removed and finally you can then remove the clasp that holds the knob to the shaft. So it takes a little while to do that and if you multiply it by the amount of knobs on this beast you can imagine how long it takes just to do this simple task. So I figured I’d start work on one module of the two (basically 4 of the voices) and then after completing that move onto another job that’s waiting in the wings before tacking the cleaning of the other module. This is just to help break the monotony of the task. Once the second module is cleaned up I’ll jump into the calibration which is a lot more interesting.


05 2009

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