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A Slice of Paia Hell

Paia Hell

Paia Hell

Yesterday while waiting for parts I managed to take a look at an old Paia 4700 that was sitting on the shelf. The joke around the office that day was that it must have been built by a one armed blind chimpanzee. It’s no joke, the build was really that bad. The transformer was floating around on the inside (it had come loose in transit) the drill holes for the panels weren’t in the correct place and the panels were all over lapping. I drilled a couple of holes and remounted the transformer, put it all back together and it powered up. No sound yet, but to be honest I didn’t spend a great deal of time on it. It’s one of those projects for a rainy day. We’ll try to get it up and running and if it sounds ok then perhaps build a new cabinet for it, since we have some other Paia modules on the shelf. If it sounds really bad I guess it’ll go back on the shelf to a dusty grave.

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03 2009