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Oberheim 4-Voice repair

Another Oberheim 4-Voice landed on my workbench. This one had many little problems such as the progrmamer LFO (vibrato) not working. Some of the Envelopes not working correctly and one SEM not functioning as it should. After the usual debugging and parts ordering this fine machine was repaired and calibrated back to it’s original glory.


11 2009

Yamaha CS01, Roland JD800 and Oberheim 4-Voice

A few more machines on the workbench. First up was a Roland JD-800 with a broken pitch-bend unit. Quite a simple fix and easy to source the part. A clients Yamaha CS-01 with a missing key, hopefully the spare part will arrive soon and I’ll get that up and running again. And then an Oberheim 4-Voice which had been partially repaired by someone else. There were still some problems with one of the SEMS which I’ve managed to rectify. In fact everything about the 4-voice Sems is now taken care of, but there’s a problem with the programmer unit which I’ll be taking a deeper look at soon. Also it seems like the Oberheim is possessed, see the attached picture.


09 2009