Roland TR-808 repairs

On the workbench this time is a Roland TR-808.  The maracas weren’t sounding too healthy and the snare sounded a little strange. I suspected the noise generator was at fault since this drives both voices. After inspection and some work my suspisions were correct. Now the maracas sound great again and the snare sounds considerably fatter than before the surgery.  All in all this 808 now sounds as phat as it should.


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07 2010

Korg MS-50 Repairs

This time on the workbench is a Korg MS-50, this is the expander module for the Korg MS-20. This unit had a dead oscillator, after repairing it I noticed the jacks were very scratchy and cleaned them as good as possible, many of them may well need to be replaced in the future but for now it’s working fine. All that remains to do is to recap the power supply and calibrate it back to factory defaults.

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06 2010

Elby Designs ASM Wizard

On the workbench at the moment is an Elby Designs ASM Wizard. This is a DIY semi-modular based around the ASM2 synth. To say it’s big is an understatement. The machine is currently not working 100% and the synth board has been checked out by Elby Designs themselves. So the only thing that could be wrong with it is the wiring loom. I’ve already corrected a few errors in the wiring but more remain. As you can see from rear picture, this is quite a job to troubleshoot.


06 2010

Roland TB-303 vs System 100

303 vs System100 by AnalogSweden
Just did this one for fun since I’ve reflected on the sound from the system 100 as quite close to the TB-303. TB-303 on the left, System 100 on the right.  Mono users… sorry ;) Cv/gate out from 303. No accent used. I think the resonance is not comparable in the higher settings, where the 303 is really musical and the system 100 is harder and more squealing, but int the lower settings they come really close. There was more punch and low end from the System 100, and quite many times I reached for the hi-pass filter on the system 100 to make it more compareable to the 303.

System 100 is definetly not a substitute for a 303, but rather a very nice machine that can sound really acid as well :)


06 2010

ARP Odyssey Mark III

On the workbench this time is an Arp Odyssey Mark III. This one had some serious keyboard problems, stuck keys and intermittent notes. The problem stemmed from old and bent J-Wires. Like many of the other old Arps (as well as many vintage keyboards) This machine has a pratt and reed keyboard. Instead of trying to bend back the old J-Wires we opted to make a new set and replace them all. After completion it’s almost like having a new keyboard on there.

If you have a pratt and reed based keyboard that’s exhibiting these symptoms drop us a line and we can certainly take care of it for you.


06 2010

Sequential Circuits Pro One

On the workbench this time is a Sequential Circuits Pro One. This unit belongs to a famous Swedish musician that’s been in the studio here at Analog Sweden for the past three days. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention his name so I won’t.

Anyway the machine had several problems ranging from tuning, crackly potentiometers and keyboard problems. I gave the machine a complete overhaul and now it’s in great shape once again. Quite a bit of work but well worth it for a machine of this calibre.

Instead of using the now hard to obtain rubber bushings we replaced them with our own method using custom cut felt. This works well for all pratt and reed style keyboards, so if you have one that is failing drop us a line. We can also fix and repair faulty J-wires on these keyboards.


05 2010

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

On the workbench this week is a revision 3 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. These are still highly revered machines and definately amongst the sought after classic analogs. This unit came in for power supply recapping, it was also very much out of tune. After the recapping it was given a full calibration and tuning back to factory settings. Sure there’s still a little drift in the tuning but that’s to be expected with an old machine. It now sounds as lush as it did when it first left the factory all those years ago, a true classic.


05 2010

New Items for sale – Roland system 100 101 keyboard and SE-1x NOS

Here’s a couple of new items that we have for sale

check the for sale link above for prices


04 2010