Whether you have a broken machine, need a midi retrofit installed, want a modification or simply need to have something tuned and calibrated back to factory settings, we can handle most vintage equipment. We have a fully equipped workshop with a competent technician and a large archive of service manuals.  We have competitive rates and a prompt turn around time (depending of course on the availability of replacement parts).

If you would like to book in some repair work or simply get an estimate price please don’t hesitate to contact us on +46709410988 or alternatively drop us an email. We are located in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Hourly rate is 49 euro (~495 sek) including VAT (moms).  Minimum debit is one hour.  Discount for larger projects.

We have a lot of expertise with working with electronics and you can read our blog about some of the work we have already done which includes working on machines such as,
Modifying Roland MC-202 – modular with separate cv and audio jacks
Modifying Roland TR-606 kick drum with external controls
Novation Basstation keyboard & rack repair
Elektron Sidstation repairs
Korg Polysix repairs and battery change
Roland TR-909 repairs
ARP 2600 repairs
ARP Odyssey repairs and calibration
Roland SH-101 repairs and calibration
Yamaha CS-70m repairs and battery change
Minimoog calibration
Memorymoog repairs and calibration
Calibrating Yamaha CS-60 and CS-80
Reparing Yamaha CS-01
Repairing and replacing buttons, Roland Tb-303
Repairing, calibrating Oberheim OB-X and battery change
Repairing, calibrating Oberheim OB-Xa and battery change
Repairing, calibrating and fitting midi kits to Roland TR-808
Servicing and repairing Sequential Circuits Prophet T-8, Prophet VS and more
Repairing Roland SH-3
Servicing and calibrating Oberheim 4-voice and 8-Voice
Repairing and reconditioning Roland TR-707
Repairing and reconditioning Arp Odyssey MKIII
Tuning and calibrating Roland VP-330 Vocoder

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