Roland TB-303 vs System 100

303 vs System100 by AnalogSweden
Just did this one for fun since I’ve reflected on the sound from the system 100 as quite close to the TB-303. TB-303 on the left, System 100 on the right.  Mono users… sorry ;) Cv/gate out from 303. No accent used. I think the resonance is not comparable in the higher settings, where the 303 is really musical and the system 100 is harder and more squealing, but int the lower settings they come really close. There was more punch and low end from the System 100, and quite many times I reached for the hi-pass filter on the system 100 to make it more compareable to the 303.

System 100 is definetly not a substitute for a 303, but rather a very nice machine that can sound really acid as well :)

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06 2010

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