It’s Alive!

The TR-707 is finally assembled and tested. I cleaned all the working parts and gave the knobs a good clean with soapy water and some toohbrushing. They came up nice and clean. I also made a point of cleaning the switch membranes and the switch contacts. It’s quite amazing how much carbon builds up over the years. Just look at the colour of the tip of the cotton bud. I used a little contact glue to reattach the fader RF shield (I had to remove that since I wanted to give the case a good scrub under the tap) Once everything was back in place I had to re-solder the battery terminals. You have to un-solder them to detach the bottom of the case. With that done, it was time to test all the features to make sure everything worked. It’s alive! You can see a short demonstration of it in the video.

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03 2009

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