Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar battery replacement.

As some of you may know, the OSCar synths are prone to battery leakage. So it was time to take the OSCar out of the studio and give it a little preventative care. After opening it up, removing the battery and disassembling it, it was clear that it was in the early stages of leakage. Good job I took a look at it really. Finding an exact replacement is impossible, so I opted for finding a replacement with an equivalent rating. Then it was just a matter of fitting and putting the OSCar back together. Reassembly was quite a task. While it’s a desirable bit of kit, the build quality is less than desirable. It seems the designers didn’t take servicing into account when coming up with the case design. Oh well, with a lot of patience I managed to put it back together and give it a quick test.

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09 2009

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