Hey that’s not analog!

Well the SH-3 repair and cleaning worked out just fine, and the lovely machine has now returned to the studio. Since I was in fixing mode it seemed like a good idea to take a look at the TR-707 that was sitting in it’s box on the shelf. TR-707? What? That’s not analog..!?!!? I know, I know, we actually plan to sell it since there’s still a demand for these boxes. They were used in the early days of Chicago house and while they are pcm based they still have a desirable sound.

The repair was quite simple, the cause of the problem was two fold. The power jack had some corrosion on it that was causing intermittent power. The previous owner had obviously been wiggling the power jack to get it to work and had eventually broken the solder traces. A simple fix of cleaning the jack and resoldering the pads fixed it. I’m now in the process of giving it a good clean before reassembling it. Once that’s done I’ll give it a good test run of all its features before we put it up for sale.

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03 2009

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