Soundcraft Series 8000 in the studio


One of the final pieces of the studio puzzle is about to be installed! Yesterday we went to pick up a Soundcraft Series 8000 console from the friendly staff at Musikbörsen in Jönköping. The console was Soundcrafts top-of-the-line in the mid-eighties, and you can really feel the quality when using the faders and controls, so now we will have 32 channels with 8 auxes, 8 groups and pure sweetness. It was a real b*** to move, but now it’s in the studio. After the unloading we had the pleasure to go to the dump and throw away the case, which was just in need of a final resting place.

We’re modifying the present work table (read, smashing it to pieces) and rebuilding the monitor stand section to accomodate to the height of the metering bridge. Paul is removing all the channel strips for a checkup, and then it’s some additional patchbay work to be done. Good thing we have a bunch of extra multicables collecting dust! More info coming when it’s actually installed.

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06 2009

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