Roland MC-4B CV Sequencer For Sale – SOLD!


You’re probably looking at one of the finest specimen of a Roland MC-4B,  unless you bought one new and never opened the box.  It’s total museum quality – even the laminated fake wood sides are perfect, which I have never seen before. Also comes with the original manual, which also is in perfect condition, even the sticker which says “Halmen musik” – a local music store that still exists.  The original owner bought it here in Helsingborg, so it never left town.

It’s bascially a four channel CV sequencer with the tightest timing you’ll ever experience. Forget midi! But it’s in a much too nice condtion to be used with anything but gloves on the hands and a gentle touch.  It looks, feels and is the business

If you want to know more, there are some excellent resources here and here

Located in Helsingborg, Sweden

Price: 1000 euro or taking offers

SOLD – thanks for all the interest!

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06 2009

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