The CS70M Saga Continues

So the new caps arrived for the CS70. After fitting them and double checking their polarity it was time to reassemble the monster and power it up. It seemed to go well, the fault was gone? We were about to celebrate when 10 minutes later the reset problem returned.  I believe now that the problem lies with the CPU section since its fine in manual mode. I took a look in there and to be honest it’s one of those problems not mentioned in the service manual/troubleshooting notes. I hate to admit defeat since I’ve invested many hours in trying to get this thing up and running. But alas, it would seem for now the CS70 has beaten me. The CPU section has many (and I really mean many) IC’s any of which could be the cause of this behaviour. Its practically impossible to know what’s wrong. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. Until then it’s only useful as a performance synth.

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03 2009

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