The British Empire was Built on Cups of Caps

A slightly mangled version of a quote from a very funny British movie. For those of you who don’t already know I’m actually English and cups of tea are part of my daily routine. Anyway back to the business at hand. All the caps have been removed from the CS70M power supply and I’m waiting for an order of new ones to arrive. Whether that will fix the problem remains to be seen, but as previously mentioned it was a job that needed doing regardless. In the meantime I took the second Prophet VS apart and removed the broken data slider and volume knob. An order for those parts is in progress also, so as soon as that arrives we’ll have two VS’s up and running. I also managed to take an inventory of all the missing knobs/parts of the remaining equipment in the studio, it’s quite some list, but then there’s quite some gear in there after all.

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03 2009

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