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EP release and Free mix by DJ Devastate


Check out this great mix with old jazz funk by DJ Devastate. This one takes you back to the 1970′s.  Do you like slow jazzy rhythms? Do you like to kick back, chill and just groove to the music? Then make sure to get this right away. This mix is the second release of three chapter mix series.

Get it here

Check out the EP release of Movement Silence called “Some Nights” - I’m playing keys & synths – recorded in the Analog Sweden studio of course

Buy it from BBE records

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10 2009

Roland <3 Roland

Here’s what we get up to when there’s no real work to be done haha. It’s just a little live jam with myself on the TR-808 and Fredrik on the System 100 patched into a Dynacord Super 76 tape echo. It started since we were curious to see if the Dynacord was working, then I just had to go grab an 808 and get things bouncing.


06 2009

Music time

A little free friday treat for you all!

Me on Memorymoog and T.Lily on Yamaha CS-80, a.k.a. Frekvensklubben gives you a live performance in the style of early Vangelis, TD and Kraftwerk. 45 minutes of soundtrack atmosphere for your pleasure.

Recorded here at AnalogSweden Studio. Enjoy.


03 2009