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Back from holiday!

Starting off with a little video of the Oberheim OB-8 w. midi we have for sale for 2200 euro.


08 2010


we’re closed for holiday and open again on monday august 23rd. You’re welcome to send your enquiries to info at but we can’t guarantee a reply until we open again.

Take care in the summer heat :)


07 2010

Korg Polysix repairs

Another routine repair, this time it was our Polysix in need of a little care and attention.  I replaced the power supply capacitors and gave it a full tune and calibration. While on the outside it looks very similer to the MonoPoly, internally its a completely different story.  As the name suggests the Polysix has six voices and also has patch memories. While perhaps not as fat sounding as the MonoPoly this machine still has a great sound and a lot of character.

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07 2010

Roland TB-303 vs System 100

303 vs System100 by AnalogSweden
Just did this one for fun since I’ve reflected on the sound from the system 100 as quite close to the TB-303. TB-303 on the left, System 100 on the right.  Mono users… sorry ;) Cv/gate out from 303. No accent used. I think the resonance is not comparable in the higher settings, where the 303 is really musical and the system 100 is harder and more squealing, but int the lower settings they come really close. There was more punch and low end from the System 100, and quite many times I reached for the hi-pass filter on the system 100 to make it more compareable to the 303.

System 100 is definetly not a substitute for a 303, but rather a very nice machine that can sound really acid as well :)


06 2010

ARP Odyssey Mark III

On the workbench this time is an Arp Odyssey Mark III. This one had some serious keyboard problems, stuck keys and intermittent notes. The problem stemmed from old and bent J-Wires. Like many of the other old Arps (as well as many vintage keyboards) This machine has a pratt and reed keyboard. Instead of trying to bend back the old J-Wires we opted to make a new set and replace them all. After completion it’s almost like having a new keyboard on there.

If you have a pratt and reed based keyboard that’s exhibiting these symptoms drop us a line and we can certainly take care of it for you.


06 2010

New Items for sale – Roland system 100 101 keyboard and SE-1x NOS

Here’s a couple of new items that we have for sale

check the for sale link above for prices


04 2010

Roland TB-303 Tact switch replacement

Another routine job of replacing the tact switches on a Roland TB-303. This is quite a comon fault, I suppose its due to the age of the machine and the fact that the tact switches don’t have any dust guards. Luckily we are still able to source spares (for now). I’m always happy to work on these machines since I love the TB-303. This particular model was one of the more squelchy ones, more so than the one we have in the studio. For those in the know, this is one of those that used the 945 transistors rather than the 536′s. From what i understand (through building a couple of x0xb0x’s at home) The 945 machines tend to have a more metalic resonance.  The one we have one in the studio uses the 536′s and it’s not quite as squelchy as this one.  I guess one day i’ll have to find a TB-303 for my home studio, but for now I’m quite happy with my x0x’s.

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12 2009

Roland SH-2000 Modification

The pictures Fredrik took as i did a complimentry fix to the preset rocker switches (a few had lost their retaining rods).

The Roland SH-2000 is a preset synthesizer with aftertouch from 1973 which isn’t exactly a beast, but with a modification performed it can certainly widen its sound palette to be useful, not in only vintage kids programs and “switched on-stuff”, but to more funky and modern stuff. The mod basically enables you to mix all presets as you wish, instead of just selecting one at a time. We did this mod to Swedish house artist’s Q-Force’s SH-2000, and he immediately made this track

Q-FORCE – Only a Roland SH-2000 & a loop

“Thanks for wonderfully great mod of my SH-2000. Not a sound in the clip would be possible without the mod.”

Check out Q-Force on Myspace or his web page


11 2009