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Back from holiday!

Starting off with a little video of the Oberheim OB-8 w. midi we have for sale for 2200 euro.


08 2010


we’re closed for holiday and open again on monday august 23rd. You’re welcome to send your enquiries to info at but we can’t guarantee a reply until we open again.

Take care in the summer heat :)


07 2010

Roland TB-303 vs System 100

303 vs System100 by AnalogSweden
Just did this one for fun since I’ve reflected on the sound from the system 100 as quite close to the TB-303. TB-303 on the left, System 100 on the right.  Mono users… sorry ;) Cv/gate out from 303. No accent used. I think the resonance is not comparable in the higher settings, where the 303 is really musical and the system 100 is harder and more squealing, but int the lower settings they come really close. There was more punch and low end from the System 100, and quite many times I reached for the hi-pass filter on the system 100 to make it more compareable to the 303.

System 100 is definetly not a substitute for a 303, but rather a very nice machine that can sound really acid as well :)


06 2010

New Items for sale

Quasimidi Cyber-6 and Soltron SM100

Casio CZ-5000

Casio FZ-1

Casio CZ-1000

Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

Ensoniq ESQ1

Here’s some videos of some new items that we have for sale, click the for sale link above for prices.


03 2010

EP release and Free mix by DJ Devastate


Check out this great mix with old jazz funk by DJ Devastate. This one takes you back to the 1970′s.  Do you like slow jazzy rhythms? Do you like to kick back, chill and just groove to the music? Then make sure to get this right away. This mix is the second release of three chapter mix series.

Get it here

Check out the EP release of Movement Silence called “Some Nights” - I’m playing keys & synths – recorded in the Analog Sweden studio of course

Buy it from BBE records

Listen on Spotify


10 2009

Yamaha CS70m Kenton Midi retrofit group buy

Finally a way to realize the potential of the mighty CS70m!

You now have the opportunity to get a Yamaha CS70m Midi retrofit by Kenton Electronics UK. It will be a redesign of the Kenton kit that was discontinued due to parts availability quite some years ago.

Scroll down to the end of the document to read the specifications.

This is a group buy, which means that we need at least 10 prepaid orders to start the production. Production and distribution will be approx 8 weeks.


349 UK pounds + VAT which needs to be paid in advance to Analog Sweden. If we don’t reach 10 prepaid orders by the 1st of  November 2009, your money will be promptly returned.  Shipping cost not included.

Ordering & Questions

Use the contact form here

November 1, 2009

The kits are not intended for installation by the end user. They should always be fitted by an experienced synth engineer. The kits are built and tested before dispatch. DIY-kit NOT available. Analog Sweden can do the installation.

We at Analog Sweden have had a few enquiries about CS70m retrofits, so we got in touch with Kenton to investigate the possibilites for a new production run. Kenton wanted to have a group order to start the production, and here we go.
Analog Sweden is a studio and repair workshop in Helsingborg, Sweden. You can see what we do at

If in doubt, you can verify our claims if you get in touch with Kenton.


This retrofit kit for the Yamaha CS-70M adds the following MIDI control:

For incoming MIDI:

Any MIDI channel can be selected

Notes on MIDI note numbers normally 36 – 96 but transpose possible

Program change numbers 1 – 32
where 1 – 16 = upper + manual, 17 – 32 = lower + manual

Pitchbend -

Mod Wheel -

Filter cutoff frequency (of low pass filter)




This kit is to receive MIDI only, no MIDI can be sent, however a Thru
socket is included.

MIDI In, & Thru sockets
Push button (for programming the MIDI setup)
Setups are stored in non-volatile memory (Eeprom)

The kit comprises the following items
Circuit board -
Small pack – contains DIN sockets and mounting hardware
Large pack – contains cable assemblies
User instructions – How to change from default settings and general
Fitting instructions – step by step fitting guide plus diagrams of where
to connect what.

All kits are fully checked and tested before despatch.

Note: The retrofit kits are not intended for installation by the end
user. They should always be fitted by an experienced synth engineer.

Errors & Omissions excepted



08 2009

Soundcraft Series 8000 in the studio


One of the final pieces of the studio puzzle is about to be installed! Yesterday we went to pick up a Soundcraft Series 8000 console from the friendly staff at Musikbörsen in Jönköping. The console was Soundcrafts top-of-the-line in the mid-eighties, and you can really feel the quality when using the faders and controls, so now we will have 32 channels with 8 auxes, 8 groups and pure sweetness. It was a real b*** to move, but now it’s in the studio. After the unloading we had the pleasure to go to the dump and throw away the case, which was just in need of a final resting place.

We’re modifying the present work table (read, smashing it to pieces) and rebuilding the monitor stand section to accomodate to the height of the metering bridge. Paul is removing all the channel strips for a checkup, and then it’s some additional patchbay work to be done. Good thing we have a bunch of extra multicables collecting dust! More info coming when it’s actually installed.


06 2009

Analog Sweden in Knowledge Magazine


The one and only Knowledge Magazine,  published a little article about us and Phonos DnB label Leet Recordings in the June 2009 issue.  Buy the excellent magazine here



06 2009